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Blow To Azziad Nasenya As Tiktok Exposed.



Blow To Azziad Nasenya As Tiktok Exposed.

For those who do not know Azziad Nasenya, she is a Kenyan lady who gained fame from Tiktok in the last two weeks after doing a clip Femi One, ‘Utawezana’ through the Tiktok platform. The Azziad dance video trend on all social media platform, making him famous.

The Tiktok that made Azziad Nasenya is currently trending after the platform was exposed which may find the short video platform being banned.

It all started from an online fight between Youtubers and Tiktokers, where Youtubers accused Tiktokers for uploading inappropriate content on the platform, making online content lose brand endorsements.

The accusation started after one Tiktoker by the name Faisal Siddiqui uploaded a video which was seen to be promoting violence against women.

In the Faisal Siddiqui tiktok video, he was seen pouring acid to the face of a woman who seem to have rejected his proposal. Many find the act wrong and they call for the ban of the platform saying that it’s user were acting beyond comedy.

The video was later pull down the video from Tiktok platform for going against community guidelines, and the user Faisal Siddiqui was put under suspension.

The topic is so far trending on Twitter with the hash tag, #tiktokexposed and people are raising collection of controversy posts from Tiktok users.

The issue is already with the chairperson of India’s National Commission for Women, and they have also suggested the Tiktok platform be banned.

This has made many people rush to google play store to underrate the Tiktok application, and so far the application ratings dropped all the way from 4.5 to 1.3 stars out of five just in the last few days.

Another Toutuber by the name, Carry Minati had last week uploaded a video on his Youtube account, where he was comparing Youtube with Tiktok.

In the video he accused Tiktok users for stealing content from Youtubers and also for promoting cheap content, that he said requires no skills. The video was also pulled down from Youtube.

Many Kenyans lead by Azziad Nasenya are currently using the the short video platform. Azziad is lucky that he has already made it to fame, and does not need to rely on the platform if anything happens.



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