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Bahati Came In To Defend His Wife, Diana From BOYS CLUB.



Bahati Came In To Defend His Wife, Diana From BOYS CLUB.

Kenyan gospel artist, Kevin Bahati has decided to come in and defend his wife from being trolled on Twitter by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) alleging that she is one of the victims of Jalango’s BOYS CLUB.

For some few days now, since some screenshots of alleged Jalango’s BOYS CLUB WhatsApp group were shared online, Kenyans have been talking about it, digging more into the issue.

Diana Marua was brought in into the story, after some alleged pictures of her with some members of the BOYS CLUB WhatsApp group, were shared online.

A lot has been said about Diana Marua, about her passed life before meeting her husband, Kevin Bahati who is a gospel singer.

Her husband Bahati seems he could not hold it anymore,and he decided to come him to set records straight, in process of stopping Kenyans on Twitter from attacking his wife anymore.

It all started when a post from a Twitter account with Diana Marua’s name and profile picture was posted advising Jalango’s wife, on what she should do next. This tweet angered many Twitter user who thought Diana was being unfair to Jalango’s wife.

Bahati has now come out to clarify that the Twitter account is fake, and it is not Diana Marua’s real Twitter account, and Kenyans on Twitter should ignore any post from that specific account.

According to the gospel singer, someone took advantage of Diana Marua, who had no account on Twitter, and created an account using her name and her picture for profile.

Dian Marua has since decided to now open her real Twitter account, and through it she asked Kenyans ON Twitter to avoid trolling her since she does not own any other account and any post or comments made from the fake account, does not represent her or her family.

What made many Twitter users believe that the parody account was the real account and the real account was parody, is the fact that that the parody account had many followers that the real account.



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