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Jalango Finally Respond To ‘BOYS CLUB’ Accusations. “It’s Our WhatsApp Group”.



Jalango Finally Respond To 'Boys Club' Accusations. "It's Our WhatsApp Group".

Comedian Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalango who is who is also radio presenter has finally respond, after he and his friend of a WhatsApp group, BOYS CLUB, were exposed by Youtube blogger Edgar Obare.

Edgar Obare had shared screenshots of dirty chats from the BOYS CLUB WhatsApp group, in his Instagram stories, where the main group discussions were women.

Jalango has admit that indeed the BOYS CLUB WhatsApp group, is their group that has been their for soo many years.

According to him the main sole reason for the group is investment and development, and they had already achieved that.

He stated that the other WhatsApp friends he was exposed with are not just his friends but people they grew up with from childhood, and they also went to school together and they have achieved a lot together in life.

On the chats screenshots shared by Edgar Obare, Jalongo defended himself and his friends saying that, the chats were picked from a different group and their real WhatsApp group profile was used to accompany the dirty chats from the other unknown group.

The comedian stated that, since the story started trending online, it has never been easy for him and his WhatsApp group friends. He say most people have been calling just to condemn them over the issue.

He further stated that there is a lot of malice and hate around the story, but they have decided to take it as a lesson in their lives.

On the alleged apartment that they have been doing the alleged things, Jalango clarified that, the only apartments they have been hiring is meant to shoot videos for his Youtube channel, currently running a program call BONGA NA JALAS. He firmly stated that they have never used the hired apartments for any other reason apart from video shooting.

He confirmed that the rumors going around about him being send on a compulsory leave because of the trending story, is not true. He said he is currently on his two weeks annual leave.

Again he said that the alleged videos of him and his friends going around on social media, are fake since the people on the videos are not them.

Jalango complain that the Youtube blogger Edgar Obare, has a lot against him and he is just using any opportunity to tarnish his name.

He admit that the damage that Edgar has caused them, can never be repaired. He said that the story would not have ended well if he (Jalango) was a bad person.

Jalongo added that he and his friends have decided not to sue or even follow up Edgar but they will just let it go, despite having broken their families and they have lost business deals since most top clients have pulled out from their deals.


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