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New Covid-19 Symptoms Realized In Kenya.



New Covid-19 Symptoms Realized In Kenya.

Health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe while giving updates on corona virus on 21st of May 2020, announced that the ministry of health have realized additional corona virus symptoms in Kenya.

The additional symptoms includes;

  • stomach ache
  • loss of appetite
  • chicken box.

According to Mutahi Kagwe this additional symptoms seems to have been realized only in Kenya since so far it is not in the other list of corona virus symptoms, as per World Health Organisation ( WHO).

The symptoms that were announced by World Health Organisation includes;

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Tiredness
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Diarrhea

The new symptoms were announced at the time when the country is recording the highest number of corona cases since day one.

The total number of confirmed corona virus cases in Kenya have risen to 1109, after 80 more people tested positive, while 9 people were discharged after full recovery.

Those who have so far recovered were reminded to be very careful since patients can suffer corona infection more than once.

According to Mutahi Kagwe the virus can reoccur between a period of 30 to 50 days after the initial recovery.

Outside corona virus, the ministry have also announced that Kenya has recorded a total of 55o cases of Cholera disease, out of which 13 of them have succumbed.

Out of the 13 deaths, 70 percent of them are children below the age of 10 years. This Cholera cases are currently in the counties of Marsabit and Turkana.

The health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe state that the government is working to solve the Cholera problems in the two counties affected.








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