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94% Of Kenyans Don’t Want Duale Removed From Majority Seat.



94% Of Kenyans Doesn't Want Duale Removed From National Assembly Majority Seat.

With the latest reports that President Uhuru Kenyatta is targeting national assembly to reorganize leadership positions in the house, a number of Kenyans have gave out their opinions with many of them defending Garissa town member of parliament Hon Aden Duale from being removed from Majority leader position.

The results that we picked from a Twitter poll show that 94% of Kenyans does not support removal of Hon Aden Duale from majority leader position while only 6% suggest that he should be removed.

This poll was made after  Francis Atwoli, the secretary general of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU), revealed that, after president Uhuru Kenyatta reorganizing senate leadership successfully, his next target is the national assembly.

According to Francis Atwoli, the main target in the national assembly is Hon Aden Duale, the current National Assembly Majority Leader.

Francis Atwoli publicly announced that he is leading those who are pushing president Uhuru Kenyatta to order removal of Hon. Aden Duale.

He insisted that Hon. Aden Duale is behind the parliament bills and a lot amendments on laws against the workers in Kenya.

Atwoli gave two examples where Hon. Aden Duale tried to amend laws against Kenya workers strikes and trying to amend National Social Security Funds (NSSF) act to leave it open for anybody to do whatever he wants to do with workers money.

Francis Atwoli believes that Hon Aden Duale hate workers in Kenya, and therefore he does not deserve to be National Assembly Majority Leader.

“I will campaign to those members of parliament who can listen, to make sure that Hon. Duale’s position in National Assembly is equally dealt with.”

“This will be good for our country, this will be good for our parliament because all we want is sanity, i am sure members of parliament will fumigate the parliament to ensure people like Duale and the rest who are the supporters of the evil are also voted out of their important positions.”

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