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Oscar Sudi’s Attacks On Gideon Moi Using Famous Coca Cola Girl Backfires Badly.



Oscar Sudi's Attacks On Gideon Moi Using Famous Coca Cola Girl Backfires Badly.

War of words between Kapseret member of parliament, Oscar Sudi and Baringo county senator, Gideon moi is gaining momentum.

It all started after Oscar Sudi, the Kapseret member of parliament posted on his Twitter account that the the famous Coca Cola girl from Baringo county, is currently popular than her senator, who happens to be senator Gideon Moi.

This Oscar Sudi’s post backfires badly. It was like a good opportunity for senator Gideon Moi who responded in way that  Oscar Sudi must have regret why he started it all.

According to senator Gideon Moi, the issue of the trending famous coca cola girl from Baringo county is not about popularity but the role played by people he (Gideon Moi) mentored and nourished for a better generation.

He asked Oscar Sudi to follow what he has done by sharpening his own children first for creativity to avoid them joining him at home singing deputy president William Ruto’s tunes and eating poison.

We believe the statement “eating poison” he was referring to the ongoing story that the food stuffs that was recently donated by Deputy president William Ruto in central, was suspected to be poisonous.

Both senator Gideon Moi and Oscar Sudi have never been friends politically. And they will always look for any opportunity to attack each other politically.

The trending famous coca cola girl from Baringo county gave Oscar Sudi an opportunity to attack Senator Gideon Moi, not knowing that the tackle will be hard.

The young girl from Baringo county is currently trending after photographs of her were taken while holding and drinking coca cola in a branded coca cola bottle.

Many Kenyans have been sharing her pictures, asking the famous coca cola company to consider as the brand coca cola brand Ambassador.

The coca cola company has not responded so far concerning the trending photographs, but many believe that the company will recognize the young girl and she might appear soon on coca cola promotional materials.


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