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Why Coca Cola Will Not Recognize The Trending Young Girl From Baringo.



Why Coca Cola Will Not Recognize The Trending Young Girl From Baringo.

The young girl from from Baringo county who has been branded the name “Coca Cola Girl” might not be recognized by the Coca Cola company  as their brand ambassador.

Many Kenyans have called on the coca cola company to consider the young girl to promote the coca cola brand, which in return will change the life of the young girl from Baringo county.

Nairobi famous blogger Robert Alai’s opinion on the trending ‘Coca Cola Girl’, is very different from that of many other Kenyans who are pushing for the girl to be recognize by the coca cola company.

According to Robert Alai, it is the most stupid idea to celebrate the girl, who he claim she is in process of getting hooked to soft drink (Coca Cola), a drink he claim to be poisonous.

Robert Alai added that all sodas including coca cola are known to be poisonous and can lead to many health complications.

Therefore, according to Robert Alai, the Coca Cola company itself is aware of the legal challenges they will face in court if they dare put the young girl on their promotional materials.

A section of his followers on Twitter argue that promoting coca cola and drinking are two different things, and all they just want is the girl to be recognized by the coca cola company, and drinking will be her own choice.

Others believe that Robert Alai was just hating the idea, claiming that, coca cola has been there for long and many have been consuming since they were young but they are still alive.

Therefore they believe that the stories going around that the coca cola products are poisonous, are just propaganda without any prove.

The expectations of many Kenyans is for the girl be recognized by the company as brand Ambassador for the girl to get rewards to brighten her future.

What we are waiting is to see how the coca cola company will respond concerning this young young, whom many believe that this was her time to shine like many other kids who have made through brands sponsorship.

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