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DP Ruto Silence Giving Uhuru And Raila Headache.



DP Ruto Silence Giving Uhuru And Raila Headache.

The current silence of deputy president William Samoe Ruto, seems to be be giving president Uhuru Kenyatta and his political brother, former prime minister Raila Odinga headache as far as their political plan is concern.

Wise people says, the best revenge to your enemy or anybody else planning but things about you, is SILENCE. Silence is the best weapon to win such wars.

Deputy president William Samoe Ruto has always been known to be the best in responding to his political critics of his class.

He has been seen many times responding to former prime minister, Raila Odinga. But since Raila Odinga decided to work with president Uhuru Kenyatta, deputy president William Ruto seems to have changed his tactics, a decision making it hard for both Uhuru and Raila to study his political game.

It is in public domain that president Uhuru Kenyatta started fighting his deputy president, especially after the handshake between him and Raila Odinga.

Just few days ago,president Uhuru Kenyatta called senator to state house to plan the removal of former senate majority leader, Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen and Majority Whip Susan Kihika, both of them are allied to deputy president William Ruto.

Politicians and many other Kenyans were expecting to see how deputy president William Ruto will react to this, guess what he did not even comment on the story.

Instead he went to Kikuyu constituency in Kiambu county, where he distributed food stuffs in Nachu, and later on went to inspect construction of Marengeta dam in the same county.

Some few days ago again, deputy president William Ruto’s ally, Kethure Kindiki was voted out as deputy speaker in senate, by senators allied to president Uhuru Kenyatta. It is believed that all the orders to change leadership in senate is coming from the president.

Again the deputy president William Ruto did not react, instead he was seen later distributing gifts to Muslim in Nairobi, to enable the celebrate the end of fasting month (Eid al-Fitr).

Is deputy president William Ruto playing the best political game in the country?








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