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Raila Odinga Inbox Ledama Olekina Again.



Raila Odinga Inbox Ledama Olekina Again.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga, on the morning of 26th of May 202, meet Narok county senator Ledama Olekina, where they discussed and finally manage to settle the dispute that was already gaining momentum, between them.

The moment Ledama Olekina received information that Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga through senate minority leaders, senator James Orengo was planning to remove him from Senate Public Accounts Committee Chairmanship, he went to court to stop the process.

After meeting Raila Odinga today, 26th of May, the Orange Democratic Movement party leader manage to convince senator Ledama Olekina to withdraw the case he file against the Orange Democratic Movement party.

Further more senator Ladama Olekina apologized to his party leader, Raila Odinga over the same issue and he later agreed to surrender the Senate Public Accounts Committee Chairmanship position.

To save Ledama Olekina, ODM party leader Raila Odinga directed the party to reverse the decision to take any disciplinary action against the senator.

The moment Ledama Olekina started protesting against the party, many Kenyans advised him to stop it saying it is very hard to fight against Raila Odinga.

Instead, the Narok county senator was advised to meet the ODM party leader, and look for a better way to solve the issue, because fighting him will cost him more.

For the first time, senator Ledama Olekina seems to have listen to the public advise. Many of his followers have congratulated for deciding to end the issue with the Orange Democratic Movement party leader, maturely.

On the other hand, Raila Odinga was praised for solving party issues in a way that will make the party more strong and the party members more united.

A section of Jubilee supporters also asked Jubilee party leader, president Uhuru Kenyatta, to follow Raila Odinga Moves in solving the current issues within the party.

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