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Why K24 Television Is Being Closed – VIDEO.



Why K24 Television Is Being Closed - VIDEO.

Kenyan famous television station, K24, is expected to be closed by next month, June 2020. The end of the road for the television station means that all presenters currently working for the stations will, be rendered jobless.

It all started when the current acting K24 CEO, Ken Ngaruiya, complains the the company, Mediamax Network Limited is no longer making making any revenue.

With the corona virus that has changed the normal way of life, the acting K24 television CEO, also complain that the company was affected too in terms of revenue collection.

He then ordered that from April 2020, all the staffs salaries be cut by half, effective the same month. this means every staff in the mediamax lost 50% of the normal salary.

Things became more difficult for the station after all the staffs who were affected by the salary deduction, went to court to challenge the salary pay cut.

The Mediamax staffs argue that they were not consulted by the company acting CEO,Ken Ngaruiya, before axing their salaries.

So the company management mighjt have decided to closed the station now that they are facing the challenges that comes with corona virus, and they can not afford anymore to pay their staffs.

As the situation is getting more worst at K24, Mediamax Network Limited, it is reported that, Standard Media Group, specifically KTN NEWS, has officially bought most of the programs from K24 television.

So by next month all your favorite programs from K24 television, you might find them on KTN NEWS.

This might the reason why K24 television famous news anchor Betty Kyallo has already started a very active Youtube channel, and she also announced that she was shifting her business to a better place where she can easily manage following the effect of corona virus.

The drama seems to have started in the Mediamax Network Limited last year, 2019 around November, when around 170 staffs from the company were fired as a means to cut the cost.

Here is the video.

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