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Edgar Obare Expose On Alex Mwakideu Backfired Badly.



Edgar Obare Expose On Alex Mwakideu Backfired Badly.

Just a week after exposing Milele radio presenter Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango, Youtube blogger Edgar Obare decided to shift to Jalango’s friend and his colleague at Milele radio, Alex Mwakideu.

Last week blogger Edgar Obare exposes Jalango and a group of his friends. He shared alleged WhatsApp group chats he claimed from Jalango WhatsApp group, where the main agenda was women discussions.

As if that was not enough for Edgar Obare, he has again shared alleged chats screenshots between ALex Mwakideu and a lady by the name, Irene Barungi, on his Instagram stories.

According to Edgar Obare as per the screenshots he share, Alex Mwakideu, a father of two has been playing his wife with Irene Burungi, a mother of two.

Irene Burungi is also working at Mediamax owned radio station, Milele FM, as a producer.

This specific Alex Mwakideu expose was received differently on social media especially twitter and Instagram, unlike that of Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango.

This time round many people on social media complained that the Youtube blogger Edgar Obare is now crossing personal lives borders.

When he exposed Jalango, Jalango later responding saying that the expose affected his family severely and he also lost business deals since most brand did not want them associated with him anymore.

The complain on social media is that, it seems the main agenda of Edgar Obare is to destroy people’s lives, and that he is happy to see others come down.

Edgar Obare was called on to stop using people’s private lives to make money. This is because between the screenshots, Edgar Obare do put adverts. Therefore people complain that he is attracting business partners at the expense of people’s private lives.

As many Edgar Obare online fans are enjoying the drama, some who are against the idea of exposing people’s private lives, call on people to stop glorifying somebody who does not respect people’s privacy.

Some of Edgar Obare online followers defend him that he does not type anything on the screenshots but he is just sharing facts. The debate here is facts verses personal private life.

Edgar Obare was also given warning that he should stop the expose because not all people can take it easy like Jalango, and he might find himself one day in a wrong lane.

Edgar Obare himself one day claims that he does not care, and he admit that he has been threaten many times, but that can not stop him.

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