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VIDEO: President Uhuru Disciplined Son Who Breached Covid-19 Rules.



VIDEO: President Uhuru Disciplined Son Who Breached Covid-19 Rules.

As the number of corona virus positive cases being reported in Kenya keep increasing every day, president Uhuru Kenyatta has asked every Kenyan to take a personal responsibility, since it is one of the surest way to overcome the pandemic disease.

Leadership should always lead by example. President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed to the public that, aside being the president, he has also been watching on his children to make sure that everyone is being careful to protect themselves and other family members by staying at home.

He gave an example where he had to take disciplinary action against one of his sons, who he says is currently in Mombasa together with his mother after they were caught up with the ongoing partial lock down in the coast region, and they can not travel back to Nairobi

According to president Uhuru Kenyatta, one day he received information from some of his friends that, his son in Mombasa has being going out to meet friends.

The president says he had no option but to table the son who was risking the lives of other family members, especially his grandmother who is more than 80 years old.

” I have a son who happens to have traveled to Mombasa with his mother when all this happens, so they we caught out and they are still there because of the confinement rules we have put in place they can not move back.”

“So he decided one day that he wants to go out, i asked him a personal question and i told him, it is fine, because it was reported to me by some other fellows that he had done that.”

” I told him now you have gone out, you have had you fan and enjoyed yourself, but now you have come back and you are with you grandmother.”

“Your Grandmother is 80 years plus, if somethings happens to your grandmother as a results of what you have done, how will you live with yourself ?”

Here is the video.

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