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Nelson Havi Reveal Identity Of Rogue Police Filmed Assaulting Man.



LSK President Nelson Havi Reveal Identity Of Rogue Police Filmed Assaulting Man.

Three days ago, a video of three police officers assaulting a man in Nakuru county for not wearing a face mask, was trending on almost all social media platforms.

The video attracted attention of many Kenyans including the president of Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi who asked the members of the public who knows the identity of the victim and that of the police officers to provide information to him for legal action to be taken against them.

” Anyone with information on the identity of the victim of this police assault, the names of the assailant three policemen, the registration number of the motor vehicle used, the station of the policemen and the scene of the incidence please urgently contact me on…..” – Nelson Havi.

Two day later, the Law Society of Kenya president, Nelson Havi, already have all the information and the identity of the three police officers who are expected to face the law.

According to Nelson Havi, the police officer who was at the center of the assault is called Corporal Isiah Rono stationed at Nakuru Central Police station.

Nelson Havi was also to find the information of the car that was used the act. The vehicle is Toyota Brobox, registration number plate is KCH 416Y.

He assured the public that Corporal Isiah Rono will be interdicted and prosecuted.

“Corporal Isiah Rono of Nakuru Central Police station pictured here is the policeman captured on a video assaulting a suspect by pulling his ….. we expect Rono to be interdicted and prosecuted ASAP.” – Nelson Havi.

This incident happened at the time when Kenyans have been complaining of police harassment especially during this time when the country id fighting corona virus.

Many cases of police assault have been reported, many of this cases happening during curfew hours, that is from 7 PM to 5 AM.

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