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President Magufuli Prove President Uhuru Wrong On Covid-19.



President Magufuli Prove President Uhuru Wrong On Covid-19.

If you still remembers well, the president of Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli was trolled especially in Africa, after choosing to act differently from other heads of states in the fight against corona virus.

While other countries were opting to restrict movements within and even outside the country and even order closure of some business like bars and restaurants and even places of worships, president John Pombe Magufili did the opposite.

He asked the people of Tanzania to continue working normal, saying that he won’t allow corona virus to destroy the economy of the country.

President John Pombe Magufuli was also opposed to African countries decision to take loans from World Bank, China, IMF and other international financial institutions.

In his latest statement, president Magufuli was quoted laughing off some countries that implemented tough measures to their citizens against as a way to fight corona virus.

Magufuli wondered how some heads of states locked down their countries, imposed curfew that saw most of it’s citizens harassed by police officers, when they had only less than 10 cases of corona virus, but no positive results, instead they keep recording higher number of cases day in, day out.

The funny thing as per president Magufuli is that most of the countries that locked down with 9 cases, are planning to open up with over 100 new cases daily.

So president Magufuli is proving himself right now that, with lock down which has affected economy of some of the countries and borrowing of billions of dollars to fight the disease, no positive results.

He is glad that the economy of Tanzania is okay, people in Tanzania have been working and earning and above all Tanzania did not borrowed any loan to fight the disease.

President Magufuli also insisted that African leaders must wake up and serve African people the right way and avoid taking advantage of every situation for monetary gains.

Some leaders in Kenya believe that president Magufuli’s massage was directed to Kenya. Among leaders who reacted to Magufuli’s statement in the new senate Majority leader Hon Samuel Poghisio. According to Poghisio, when Kenya re-opens, it will not match with Tanzania.

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