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VIDEO: Murkomen Attack On Atwoli Land Him In Trouble.



VIDEO: Murkomen Attack On Atwoli Land Him In Trouble.

Elgeiyo Marakwet county senator Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen found himself in a hot corner, after he tried to criticize a video of a team of leaders dancing lead by Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary general, Francis Atwoli.

In the video, Francis Atwoli, Devolution Cabinet secretary, Eugine Wamalwa, senate speaker Ken Lusaka, Governors lead by Wycliffe Oparanya and other leaders, were spotted dancing to a song after a meeting.

Acoording to COTU secretary general, Francis Atwoli, the main agenda of the meeting was to discuss issues that centered around Luhya unity and prosperity.

“Today i hosted 40 members of National Assembly, 4 Governors, 10 senators, Speaker Ken Lusaka, CS Eugine Wamalwa, speaker Beatrice Elachi and other eminent Luhya leaders to discuss issues that centered around Luhya unity and prosperity.” – Francis Atwoli.

But for former senate Majority leader, Onesmas Kipchumba Murkomen, the venue where the Luhya leaders were dancing after their meeting was a bar. This basically means that Murkomen think the Luhya leaders were dancing because they were drunk.

In his tweet, he complained to the cover that, if they are now starting to open bars, then they should also allow places of worship open.

“If you can open the bars then we open Churches, Please tuwache ukora, Open the CHURCHES!” – Murkomen

Murkomen tweet bounced back at him people saying that he Murkomen is basically fighting for re-opening of churches, not genuinely for worship purposes, but for him and his Tanga Tanga team to get platforms to campaign to criticize the government that throw him out of senate majority seat.

Others believe that Murkomen is just jealous of anybody who is enjoying government privileges after he and his team from Tanga Tanga squad were thrown out.

In the latest changes in the leadership of senate committees, all the Tanga Tanga senators allied to deputy president William Ruto were removed. It is also reported that the same ax will also affect DP Ruto’s allies in the national assembly soon.

Murkomen was also advice to consider keeping silence at the moment because any negative comment to the government and the people around president Uhuru Kenyatta will be termed as ‘JEALOUSY’.

Below is the Murkomen tweet about Atwoli and his team, and the video of Atwoli and his Luhya leaders dancing to a song.

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