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Alex Nderitu From Nyeri In Trouble With American Authorities Over Incitement.



Alex Nderitu From Nyeri In Trouble With American Authorities Over Chaos.

One man by the Name Alex Nderitu from a village in Nyeri county in Kenya, is currently trending on almost all social media platforms.

Alex Nderitu started trending after he made a comment on a Facebook live video, covering a protest by Americans in Minneapolis, against the killing of George Floyd.

A Facebook comment by Alex Nderitu asking protesting Americans to burn down White House, was seen by many people in the world as an incitement.

The eight words Facebook comment, is likely to put Alex Nderitu in a big trouble. The comment attracted a lot of reactions on social media, with a section of Americans asking the responsible authorities to take necessary action against Alex Nderitu since the comment might cost United State severely.

Among those who did not take the Nderitu’s comment for granted, is American actor and also a comedian Terrence Williams, who alerted the American authorities like FBI, CIA and secret service, asking them to take the matter seriously.

“THEY ARE THREATENING TO BURN DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE. We must protect president Trump and his administration. All threats must be taken seriously. Please RT, inform the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA.” – Terrence Williams.

The most funny thing about this issue is that, The Facebook comment that has caused panic in America, was made from a rural village in Nyeri, Kenya. Alex Nderitu is not in America and he is not an American citizen.

It is reported that the panic in America has even made White House lock down in fear that protesters might be heading to that direction, as reported by CNN.

While Americans are panicking over the same, Kenyans on social media are busy making fun of Alex Nderitu’s comment, wondering how a man from a rural village in Kenya can cause panic in America.

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