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Kenyans Doubt Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Recovery From Covid-19.



Kenyans Questioned Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Recovery From Covid-19.

Kenyans will never miss something to discuss especially online. Some once said Kenyans online, especially Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) are the best online judges.

Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM), Bishop Margaret Wanjiru is the latest trending Kenyan on Twitter and other social media platforms after announcing with a lot of excitement that she has successfully recovered from corona virus after spending some days in hospital.

She is trending with a section of Kenyans questioning his recovery testimony, many thinking that her testimony was a bit exaggerated.

Many Kenyans always believes that anybody who has spend sometime in hospital should always be less energetic, having not been feeling well and the body is adjusting to normal way of life.

Back to the story of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru recovery, some Kenyans think that she was too strong to talk in front of cameras, following the fact that it was reported she was under Intensive Care Unit (ICU) some few days ago.

As if that was not enough, some Kenyans also dig further into the story, questioning the possibility of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru recovering fully within a short period of time compared to other patients alleged to have been in hospital for months.

A section of Kenyans believe that it take a period of more than 14 days to recover fully from corona virus. Some did calculations for Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and found out that she has been in hospital for less than 14 days, both in ICU and the normal words.

While addressing the media, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru advice Kenyans to stop fearing going for corona virus taste, saying that if found positive, the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health will ensure that they received specialized treatment in a conducive environment.

A section of Kenyans also oppose her saying that the facilities at Aga Khan hospital where Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was, can never be compared with that of Mpagathi hospital where most ordinary Kenyans are taken to.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru is not the first corona virus patient to be questioned. The first corona virus patient in Kenya as per the Ministry of Health, Brenda was also trolled after Kenyan thought that her recovery story was also not adding up.

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