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Details Of DP William Ruto’s New International Job.



Details Of DP William Ruto's New International Job.

Deputy president William Samoe Ruto must be the most Happy man in Kenya, after being elected to serve in the steering committee of the Open Governance Partnership, a global governance body.

Dp Willima Samoe Ruto was elected to represent Kenya and Africa, where he is expected to serve in the steering committee for the next 3 years.

Among the countries that were competing for the Steering Committee position include Canada, United Kingdom. Italy and Kenya.

The election for the steering committee was held on 25th of May 2020, where 63 countries out of the 78 countries currently in the organisation participated in the election.

Open Governance Partnership is a leading global organisation  that bring together government leaders and civil societies in the whole world.

This Open Governance Partnership organisation was founded by the former president of the United States, Barrack Obama in 2011. It’s headquarter is in the Washington.

Apart from the 78 countries. the organisation host over 15 local governments and hundreds of civil society organisation.

The Steering committee of the Open Governance Organisation consists of 22 members where 11 of them are from government and the rest from the civil society organisations.

The main agenda of the organisation is to promote accountable, inclusive and responsive governance through through civic participation, access to public information and level aging on the technology  and innovation.

Currently more than 10 African countries are in the organisation. They include South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria and Cote ‘Ivoire.

Deputy president William Ruto having been elected to the steering committee, African countries especially Kenya, are expected to benefit big from the organisation’s agendas.

Many Kenyans including his political supporters congratulated the deputy president for the new position, asking Kenyans if DP Ruto can be trusted outside Kenya, why not in Kenya.

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