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Madaraka Moves That Hurt Raila Odinga’s Supporters.



Madaraka Moves That Hurt Raila Odinga's Supporters.

Immediately after end of Madaraka Day celebration event that was held in State House Nairobi, a heated discussion started among Kenyans especially between the supporters of deputy president William Ruto and Orange Democratic Movement party leader, Raila Odinga.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s fans do believe that after the famous handshake, the relationship between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Samoe Ruto became weak and the president started making his relationship with his ‘Brother’ Raila Odinga strong.

Today”s 1st of June Madaraka day celebration somehow went against the expectations of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s supporters.

From the hot discussion going on online, we realize that some moves during the Madaraka day celebration event at state house did not bring happiness to Raila Odinga’s supporters.

The first thing that we realized it hurt Raila Odinga supporters, is the fact that former Prime Minister was not included in the day’s program.

During the event, Raila Odinga was not given a chance to speak. The program was tight. Out of around 50 people who were invited to the event, only the Council of Governors Chairman, Wycliffe Oparanya, Deputy president William Ruto and finally Head of State, president Uhuru Kenyatta had an opportunity to speak.

Former prime Minister supporters were expecting him to speak, hoping that deputy president William Ruto will not attend the event, and Raila Odinga will take his chance.

When deputy president William Ruto was given a chance to speak, many were expecting him to invite Raila Odinga before president Uhuru Kenyatta, forgetting what protocols dictates.

The second thing that hurts Raila Odinga’s supporters the most, is the fact that after the event, president Uhuru Kenyatta left former Prime Minister at the dais, and accompany deputy president William Ruto for a private chat away the dais, before touring around State House.

With the information that president Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy president William Ruto were not in good terms, many expected the deputy president to leave immediately after the event, leaving Raila Odinga in the State House.

This moves gave team Tanga Tanga energy to speak, who now believes that the relationship between president Uhuru Kenya and deputy president William Ruto is still strong, and that Raila Odinga is just being played.


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