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Uhuru Trolled For Firing K24 TV Staffs Against His Message To Employers.



Uhuru Trolled For Firing K24 TV Staffs Against His Message To Employers.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the latest person to be trolled on social media for failing to be a good role model to many other business people in the country.

If you still remember well, when the country started reporting many cases of corona virus and the economy started trembling, president Uhuru Kenyatta through a press conference asked Kenyans employers not to fire or even deduct the employees salaries, because if the effects of the pandemic disease.

Kenyans are now complaining that president Uhuru is doing opposite of what he asked Kenyan Employers, following the fact that he is also an employer.

For those who don’t know, reports indicates that MediaMax Network Limited which own  K24 television station, is owned by president Uhuru Kenyatta.

It has been reported that things are not okay for K24 television staffs. It was earlier reported the company has been frustrating it’s employees.

The company has so far more than  five employees has been fired and the remaining had their salaries deducted by 50% percent, claiming that the company is not making any revenue anymore because of corona virus effects.

Former K24 presenter Eric Njoka who left the station around last month, and he was the first person to reveal everything that the MediaMax staffs were going through.

The latest K24 TV staff to leave the station is Betty Kyallo who is a senior news anchor. Betty Kyallo joined the station

There are a lot of contradicting information out there about Betty Kyallo. Some claims that she was fired while others claims that she decided to resign because the working environment at K24 was not conducive anymore.

While some Kenyans are trolling president Uhuru Kenyatta for watching his employees fired against his message to Kenyan employers, a section of Kenyans blame the current CEO, Ken Ngaruiya, claiming that he mismanaged the company.

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