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Betty Kyallo Blessed Herself With a Brand New 7 Million Ride.



Betty Kyallo Blessed Herself With a Brand New 7 Million Ride.

Betty Kyallo, for K24 news anchor has once again pulled out another surprise to her fans and critics who thought things are about to get tough for her especially after allegedly being fired from K24 television station.

She now owns two high end vehicles after buying a brand new Porsche Cayenne 2019. This Porsche Cayenne is the second car in her famous Mercedes benz, c-class.

According to my research, i realized that to own the same car like (Porsche Cayenne), you have to part with a minimum of ksh. 7 million. This price does not include importation and other charges.

To prove her critics wrong, Betty Kyallo took to her Instagram account where she posted the new ride with a caption, “Gotta move different if you want different, Another One is Home. This time White Like a Boss.”

Betty Kyallo's new ride, Porsche Cayenne.

Betty Kyallo’s new ride, Porsche Cayenne.

Betty Kyallo has been trending on social media especially announcing during her last night at K24 that she was leaving the station, without giving any reason for the same.

This ignited hot discussion online many saying that she did not resigned as alleged but she was fired from the Mediamax Network Limited.

All the same, it seems Betty Kyallo was well prepared for any outcome. She shifted her salon business to a bigger space and she also started putting more effort on her Youtube channel, ‘Betty Kyallo Lately’.

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She had also announced that she was moving to a new house, an her critics thought that she was moving to a smaller house, a away of cutting the cost, but following Betty Kyallo’s latest moves, it clearly show her critics were all wrong.

Betty Kyallo is a senior news anchor in Kenya, and after exiting K24, she is expected to appear again on the TV screen in a different station, following the fact that she is on demand.

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