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Ringtone Reveals How He Make His Millions Of Money.



Ringtone Reveals How He Make His Millions Of Money.

Who does not want to make money? Absolutely nobody. So when we see people getting rich day by day, everybody would like to know how they make their money.

The Kenyan controversial gospel musician Alex Apoko better known as Ringtone finally reveal the source of his money, a question that has been asked by his fans many times.

According to Ringtone, he made is money in the early days through high school students and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

How did he makes money through students? Ringtone reveals that in the early days when releases his song ‘PAMELA’, he was expecting to win Groove Awards, which was the biggest awards by the, but unfortunately he never won.

This is when he decided to think of another way to make as a musician since Groove Awards competition became tough for him. He came up with a one million dollar idea.

He decided to visit high school to perform his songs for free, targeting to sell his video compact discs to students at Ksh. 150, his T-shirts and his posters. And he could make up to an average of Ksh. 150,000 per school.

He gave an example of a high school called Karoti Girls located in Mwea. The school had more that 1,500 students. According to him the girls in that school bought everything he had, Video Compact Discs, T-shirts and posters, and he made Ksh. 300,000 in that specific school alone.

According to him, he could make up to Ksh. 1.7 Million per week, and that is the amount he used to buy his first car, Nissan Patrol.

How he made money through president Uhuru Kenyatta. When president Uhuru Kenyatta launched party, The National Alliance (TNA) in 2012, Ringtone came up with another excellent million dollar idea.

He decided to hire a truck and branded it with TNA poster all over it, in preparation for campaigns road show. President Uhuru liked his idea by then.

Uhuru Kenyatta ended up paying him One Million Kenya shillings for him to pay for the truck, road show dancers and even some other artist to perform on the campaign road show.

President Uhuru asked him then to cover counties of Nyamira, Kisii, Kajiado, Narok, Machakos and Kitui through his campaign road shows.

According to Ringtone he could spend maximum of ksh. 400,000 per day to pay dancers, artists and other personnel involved, and he could save like ksh. 700,000 per day for 100 days.

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So through TNA campaigns in 2012, he made over Ksh. 70,000,000 and this is the amount he used to buy his house in Runda.

He did not reveal how he makes money currently, but he rubbished off claims that he is a thief and he involved in illegal businesses.


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