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Betty Kyallo Reveals Her Next Move, Hint Next TV Station.



Betty Kyallo Reveals Her Next Move And Hint Next TV Station.

Former K24 senior news anchor, Betty Kyallo has finally clarify rumors going around concerning her exit from K24 television.

There has been a lot of speculations others saying that she was fired from the television station after she fails to deliver what was expected of her.

According to Betty Kyallo, she was not fired, but instead she fired herself from the station. She made her own decision to exit after working for the television station for two good years.

Giving reason for her exit from K24, Betty Kyallo claims that her efforts and her hard work in the station was never appreciated, and she saw no need to continue working in such an environment.

She stated that exiting K24 is not the end of her journalism career, and that she will appear again soon on the TV screens of one of the local television stations.

Betty Kyallo did not specify exactly her next television station, but from her words you could tell that it can either be Citizen TV or NTV. She added that she want new things, which means KTN NEWS and K24 are out.

Comparing the two above television station, Citizen TV and NTV, we can guess that she is likely to join Citizen TV.

Betty is a senior News anchor, therefore in her next television station, expect her at 9 PM on the screen. Her baby daddy Dennis Okari works for NTV  and currently anchoring 9 PM news as well. Do you think they can work with Betty?

Ok, Betty has also announced that currently she is in good terms with her baby daddy and his family and they are co-parenting well and the issues between them were settled.

She also admitted that she is among the highest paid journalist in Kenya, but she stated that she is not after money, and what encourages her to go back to TV is the fact that she is a role model to may young girls out there.

She gave an example of a young girl from Limuru who calls her ‘Mum’ not because she is her biological mum but just because she inspire her.

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