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Tough Rules Ahead Of Schools Reopening In Kenya.



Tough Rules Ahead Of Schools Reopening In Kenya.

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education has given out an hint about school reopening in Kenya, but school life will not be normal since some measures have been proposed as a way of protecting the students from the corona virus.

This measures are likely to convince parents who had strongly stated that they were not ready to release their kids to school before proper measures are put in place by the Ministry of Education.

Below are some of the measures;

Sitting Arrangement.

It has been recommended that before schools reopens, every school management should ensure that there is enough class rooms, since every classroom is expected to host maximum of 15 learners.

Further more, the 15 students per classroom are expected to be seated at least 1.5 meters apart at all time. To make sure that learners respect the 1.5 meters distance, Teachers might be forced to shift their desk from  Teachers staff rooms to classrooms.

Face Mask/Face Shield.

Face mask is now becoming part of school uniform until the time when the country will be announced free from corona virus.

It has been recommended that when the schools reopens, every learners is expected to report with face mask or face shield. For uniformity, the school management will have to decide and direct parents, whether it is face mask or face shield. This will come with an extra cost on the side of the parents.

Sanitizing Booths.

Another recommendation is that, every school should install sanitizing booth at the school entries, to ensure that every learner is sanitized before entering school compound.

Transfer Of Teachers And Learners.

With the new recommendation, every government employed teacher is expected to teach in their locality. This is to avoid a teacher from a county with corona cases like Nairobi and Mombasa, travelling across the borders to teach in a corona free county.

This will also apply to the learners. It has been recommended that learners should be re-admitted  to the nearest school.

All the recommendations above are okay and will protect the learners from the spread of corona virus in the school. The big question here is, all the schools in Kenya will afford all the recommendations?

This might be a big challenge because many schools in Kenya do not have enough classes and it has been reported many times that in some schools,a class host more than 30 learners.


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