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Just In: It Took Talai Clan Elders 6 Months To Convince DP Ruto



Just In: It Took Talai Clan Elders 6 Months To Convince DP Ruto

It is now emerging that it took Talai elders six months to convince deputy president William Ruto to accept a Talai cultural rite performed on him as reported by the star.

According to the Talai elders,, the cultural rite was very important for deputy president William Ruto, to protect him from political misfortunes and any harm that might be planned against him.

It is reported that the cultural ceremony that took place on Friday morning, was organised by Nandi Laibons Council of Elders and was held at Kaprirwo village.

The said elders performed sacrifices and prayers on a hill in the area, and the deputy president was cleansed as a way of protecting him from bad omens ahead of his political plans.

Deputy president William Samoe Ruto was also handed with leadership instrument which includes a traditional stick know as ‘Siriat’ in Kalenjin language, and a baton.

The leadership instruments above are said to have been used by the Kalenjin legend, Kipnyolei Arap Turgat.

According to our sources, the parson at the center of the ceremony, (Deputy president William Samoe Ruto) must be dressed in a wild animal skin, a cap made from Monkey skin and he is required to be seated in a special stool while the ritual practice is going on.

It is reported that the ceremony was held at the home of the retired AGC priest James Baasi. The ceremony is said to be highly secretive and the people in that village were given warning to come near close to the venue. Only selected people attend the event.

Talai clan is a famous clan in the Kalenjin Nation. The powerful Kalenjin man, Koitalel Arap Samoe who predicted many things that came to pass, is reported to have been from the same clan.

The same elders from Talai clan is reported that they performed the same ritual to the late former president of Kenya, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

Deputy president William Samoe Ruto was accompanied to the ceremony by some of his political allies, including Nandi country senator Samson Cherargei and the area Member of County Assembly.








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