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Mombasa Melodious Grocer Boys Smiling After Joho’s Attention.



Mombasa Melodious Grocer Boys Smiling After Joho's Attention.

Do you still remember the group of four young men from Old Town in Mombasa whose their story was aired on Citizen television, after coming up with an idea of using melodious voices to attract customers in Old Town to buy their grocery product?

The group came up with the idea after Old Town was lock down following the spread of corona virus. They do home deliveries within old town, using a cart.

Their creativity is now taking them to another level. This is after their story on citizen television caught the attention of Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho.

“The creativity and Innovation of these four melodious boys from Old-Town Known as ‘Kitamtam Kiperemende’ caught my attention.” – Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

“The group does home delivery services of groceries to the households in Old Town during this pandemic season.” He added.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho reach out and held a meeting with them. The good news is that, all the four will be supported through Hassan Joho Foundation and County Government of Mombasa.

The four melodious grocer boys from Mombasa old town.

The four melodious grocer boys from Mombasa old town.

The two of them who are still in school will be sponsored by Hassan Joho Foundation until they complete. Further more the county government of Mombasa will help the group to start a better business and they will be empowered with entrepreneurial skills.

“Through the Hassan  Joho Foundation, we will support two of the group members who are still in school until completion and the county government of Mombasa will empower the group with entrepreneurial skills and support them start a viable business.” – Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Mombasa Old Town is still locked down. President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to address the nation today 6th of June.

Many Kenyans are waiting for the head of State to speak, with many hoping that president Uhuru Kenyatta will call off both curfew and the partial lock down.



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