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Govt. Give Siaya County 14 Days To Set Up 300 Isolation Beds.



Govt. Give Siaya County 14 Days To Set Up 300 Isolation Beds.

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health has instructed Siaya county to set up at least 300 bed capacity in the county. This means that all the isolation centers in the county are expected to have a total of 300 beds.

The government made this demand after president Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing Kenyans on Corona virus on 6th of June 202, shocked many Kenyans when he announced that Siaya county has only 10 isolation beds in the isolation facilities, and 9 of them were already occupied.

To make the matter worst, on 7th of June 2020, the Ministry of Health announced that Siaya county recorded additional corona virus patient. This simply means that all the 10 beds are now occupied.

This is why the National Government has demanded the county management to take immediate action to ensure that within 14 days, they have at least 300 beds.

Other counties with less than 300 bed capacity are also asked to take action. President Uhuru Kenyatta just mention Siaya county as an example. Kenyans have also mention many other counties with less isolation beds.

To make this possible the government has announced that Ksh. 5 billion has been disbursed to the counties to help increase the bed capacity, asking them to use locally made beds.

It is now emerging that out of the 47 counties in the country, only three counties, Mombasa, Machakos and Nairobi were well prepared to host corona virus patients.

Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe gave an example of Mombasa county which already have higher capacity of isolation beds.

From the beginning Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho was prepared to fight the pandemic disease. On 23rd of April 2020, he unveiled another treatment center at the Technical university of Mombasa, with higher number of isolation beds.

On the other hand, the Machakos county hardworking Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua, converted Machakos stadium into mass testing and isolation center. As we talk, Machakos county have more than 1000 beds in the isolation centers.

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