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University Of Nairobi Students Protest Online Classes and Exams.



University Of Nairobi Students Protest Online Classes and Exams.

Students from the University of Nairobi has opposed the decision from University of Nairobi senate, to conduct online classes and also to serve the students with online exams.

According to a letter from the university university, the senate made the decision to help catch up with the school calendar, now that the university is closed due to corona virus.

“As you are aware the University of Nairobi senate approved that the Faculties/Schools/Institutions/Centers conduct online teaching and online examinations during this time of the university closure due to Covid-19 pandemic”. Read part of the letter.

All the students are required to ensure that they have gadgets that will enable them access the online classes as well as the exams.

“You are therefore advised  to make arrangements in line with the “Bring your own Gadget Policy” to acquire a computer, laptop or appropriate gadget which will enable you to undertake online examinations”.

Taking in consideration the fact that electricity and internet in some parts of the country is not reliable, the students are advised to inform any relevant department through an email with 24 hours, for an appropriate action or advise from the concern people in the university.

“During the online examinations in the most unlikely event that you experience electricity outage or internet disconnection, you are advised to report in writing to the Chairman of department or the relevant dean or director of of you Faculty/School/Institute/Center immediately using your university email for a appropriate action or advice”.

“It should be noted that only the cases outlined above and reported between 24 hours will be investigated and a report made to the senate for appropriate consideration”.

The University of Nairobi students led by University of Nairobi Students Association Secretary General Gideon Majiwa have strong oppose the idea saying that the university management made decision without consulting student body and failing to understand that some comrades comes from rural areas where is no electricity connection completely and network to access internet is very poor.

“In the case of the University of Nairobi, the management has taken unilateral decisions on online classes and examination without engaging the student body”.

“It is not rocket science for instance to know that the network coverage of Telkom Kenya is inadequate (30% coverage among comrades) and the electricity coverage of 56%. We cannot therefore purport to generalize the economic capability of students in their various homes”. Gideon Majiwa.

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