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Raila Odinga’s Staff Test Positive For Corona Virus.



Raila Odinga's Staff Taste Positive For Corona Virus.

Orange Democratic Movement party (ODM) secretary general Edwin Sifuna while addressing journalist at the Oronge House admitted that one one of their staffs tested positive for corona virus.

He said that Hon. Benson Musungo who is the Orange Democratic Movement youth leader tested positive for the pandemic disease.

Edwin Sifuna also made it clear to the public that there is no panic at all at the ODM headquarters offices, since all the other staffs have been tested and luckily, all are okay except Benson Musungu, who is so far being under isolation receiving treatment at Aga Khan hospital.

He also stated that the family of Benson Musungu, his wife and his kid were later tested, and the good news is that their results turn out to be negative.

” It is true that one case of corona virus was found in our ODM headquarter offices. One of our staff Benson Musungu, ODM youth leader, tested positive and is currently under medication, and we hope he will get well soon” said Edwin Sifuna.

“No need to panic because no other staff tested positive within our offices. I have also confirm that his wife and kid are okay, they are negative”. He added.

This comes at a time when the country is reporting more numbers of the corona virus cases than before.

So far Kenya has recorder a total of 2862 confirmed cases, with a total of 894 recoveries. Deaths as of 8th June 2020 were 85.

According to president Uhuru Kenyatta following the advice from experts is that, if not for partial lock down and curfew in the country. Kenya would have reported more than 85,000 cases.

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