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Cate Waruguru: Raila Must Be Respected.



Cate Waruguru: Raila Must Be Respected.

Just a day after meeting with former prime minister Raila Amollo Odinga, Laikipia  County Women Representative Cate Waruguru now demand respect for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader.

According to Cate Waruguru, Raila Amillo Odinga’s decision to work with president Uhuru Kenyatta should earn him respect from every leader and even Kenyans.

She has been a very close ally of Deputy president William and after meeting former prime minister, she jumped out of the Tanga Tanga ship.

Confirming her exit from Tanga Tanga camp, Suna East member of parliament Junet Mohammed, took to Twitter to welcome her to pro BBI team.

“We are engaged in a historic effort to leave no one behind, Glad to welcome hon. Cate Waruguru.” Said Junet Mohammed.

While speaking in Laikipia on 11th of June 2020, she asked the Laikipia residents to forgive her for joining Tanga Tanga group, and her earlier stand on ‘HANDSHAKE’ and Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

She further asked the residents of Laikipia county to support president Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Odinga, to make sure that Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) becomes a success.

“I am asking for your forgiveness for for what i stood for and said before. I have realized that Raila Odinga is a true friend”. Said Cate Waruguru.

“Let us all agree in one voice to support our son (president Uhuru Kenyatta) and his brother Raila Odinga as they work hard to unite Kenyans through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)”. She added.

Cate Waruguru who has been the main critic to embattled Kirinyaga county governor Ann Waiguru, rubbished off the impeachment, saying it is a plan from anti-BBI, targeting to neutralize the support of the initiative in Central Kenya.



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