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VIDEO: Exposed ! Gospel Singer Ringtone Got Private Bar In His Runda Home.



VIDEO: Exposed ! Gospel Singer Ringtone Love Alcohol.

It is shocking that of all people, gospel singer Alex Apoko aka Ringtone, who claims to be the chairman of gospel musicians in Kenya and Africa, do alcohol, which is against the Bible.

Famous Kenyan Youtuber Xtian Dela, made this revelation while he was giving a reason why he left gospel industry, to the other side of the world.

According to Xtian Dela, he came to realize that Ringtone drink alcohol, from the day he visited him in his home located in Runda.

He claims that he was welcomed with lots of bottles of various wines to choose from by Ringtone himself, who was in a company of a lady.

Xtian Dela said that up to date he love one specific wine, he was introduced to by Ringtone in his home.

Xtian Dela, Youtuber / Photo courtesy.

Xtian Dela, Youtuber / Photo courtesy.

He further reveals that 80 percent of gospel musicians in Kenya do alcohol and other things against God behind the scenes.

Further more, Xtian Dela also claims that he knew Willy Paul used to drink before deciding to leave leave gospel industry, to do it publicly.

The revelation about Ringtone came as a surprise because, the gospel singer has always been making videos on social media confronting other gospel musicians, who he claims they are going against God.

He has also announced many times that he is single and searching, but finding wife for him has been hard since he has never came across a lady qualified as per his demands.

Definitely Ringtone is going to reply to this claims from Xtian Dela, and it will be interesting one.

Here is the video of Xtian Dela exposing Ringtone during Bonga Na Jalas.

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