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Kenyans Reacts To The Late Abenny Jachinga’s Rural Home



Kenyans Reacts To The Late Abenny Jachinga's Rural Home

Luo is not a tribe, but it is a life style. This is a statement normally used by many Luo people to to describe their tribe.

As per the above statement, Luo people do not concentrate too much on matters tribe. Here the most important thing is ‘Life style’.

Now while the fans of the late Ohangla musician were concentrating on the grave side, some people were busy checking around Abenny Jachinga’s  home compound where he was buried.

What attracted them the most is the Abenny Jachinga’s rural house. The house is a simple rural home filled with clay soil around the wall, with white iron sheets on the roof.

Abenny Jachinga's rural home.

Abenny Jachinga’s rural home.

According to a section of Kenyans, the Ohangla Musician was a millionaire and therefore he could afford a decent home back in the village, than the one pictured above.

Those who know Abenny Jachinga well claims that he was like a ‘king’ in the city, driving around expensive cars, living in a very expensive apartment and used to drink expensive alcohol drinks.

His friends also reveals that he was a lover of iPhones, and not only iPhone but expensive ones and top-notch watches.

Abenny Jachinga is reported that he was a married man, and he has left behind his wife and kids.

Luos who came out to defend the house of the musician said that they are not ashamed, claiming that everybody chooses a life that he wants to live.

Below are some of the reactions we picked from Twitter.

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