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Getting Married Was Waiguru’s Biggest Political Blunder.



Getting Married Was Waiguru's Biggest Political Blunder.

Stacey Saida Chepkemoi, a female politician from Bomet county, now claims that Ann Waiguru’s biggest political mistake was deciding to get married.

According to Stacey, political grounds could have favored Ann Waiguru more, if she was the famous Ann Waiguru before getting married to Kamotho Waiganjo.

Ann Waiguru got married last year, 2019 to Kamotho Waiganjo, a constitutional layer.

Stacey Chepkemoi vied for senatorial position in Bomet county during the 2017 general elections, but unfortunately she lost to current Bomet county senator, Dr. Christopher Langat.

Her biggest challenge then in politics was her marital status. Stacey is not married up to date.

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It is believed that she lost the 2017 elections, because people from her tribe value marriage so much and they rarely trust unmarried people to leadership, especially women.

Therefore her comment on Ann Waiguru, was not expected from her since she has always been against people judging others, especially politicians using their political status.

“My friends and supporters, my vision and ambition is not defined by who will marry me or who you want me to rush into marriage with but by the knowledge and wisdom i gather in line with my vision for the people of Bomet county.” Said Stacey sometimes back.

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According to Stacey, she is not against Marriage, it is only that it is not yet time for her to get married.

” I will get married when the right times comes. I will therefore not pause my decisions to run for public office because someone somewhere thinks i should get married first. Marital status is not the yard stick to success”. She added.

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