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Rosemary Odinga: Ann Waiguru is Not a Special Woman.



Rosemary Odinga: Waiguru is Just a 'Woman' Not 'Women'.

Rosemary Odinga, who is Raila Odinga’a eldest daughter, has convince Kenyans that she is an independent, especially on the issue of embattled Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru, who is seen to be supported by Raila Odinga.

While speaking to Ann Kiguta on the Punchline show at K24 TV, Rosemary Odinga stated that the issue of Ann Waiguru should not be a big deal since it does not affect all women in the country but only one woman, Ann Waiguru.

She gave an example from a lesson her mother, Ida Odinga taught her that, you should never lose the whole forest while concentrating only on single tree within the forest. In this case Ann Waiguru is a single tree while women are forest.

She also ask women to learn from men, saying that many male governors in the country have also been accused before of almost similar cases to the ones facing governor Ann Waiguru, but she has never seen men protecting them because they are male governors.

“You see we have male governor as well, who you’ve seen they have been accused of almost similar charges, but we have never hard men coming up to say they are standing up for their male counterparts”. Rosemary Odinga added.

According to her Ann Waiguru is just like a driver driving a car (Kirinyaga county) badly. For her the question is the car is being driven badly no matter the gender of the driver in charge.

“Waiguru have taken the same job men have taken. I mean if some was driving you in a car and you are not happy with the way the lady is driving, we can’t say we want a male diver, but we want a different diver, no matter the gender”. She said.

She insisted that Ann Waiguru should face the charges against her as a person,saying that w have institutions in Kenya to deal with such cases, and they should be given time to do their work.

“I think we have mechanisms in this country and we should allow the mechanisms to do their job. From their we will now be able to understand the roles better”. She stated.


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