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Mohammed Ali: I Am Dealing With Big Fish, Not the One You Are Used to. (VIDEO)



Mohammed Ali: I Am Dealing With Big Fish, Not the One You Are Used to. (VIDEO)

Nyali member of parliament Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu who has been working on a motion to impeach Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia has requested the Inspector General of Police to add him more security, claiming that his life is in danger now that he is fighting big war, not like the one people are used to.

“I want the Inspector General of Police to increase my security back at home and here in parliament, i am dealing with the big fish, not the small fish people are used to.” Nyali MP Mohammed Ali.

According to Mohammed Ali, this war is not between him and the Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, but it is a war between the people of Kenya and the ‘system’.

“I want Kenyans to know that this war is between the people of the republic of Kenya vs the ‘system’. Macharia is the right hand man of the system”. He said.

Mohammed Ali stated that the transport cabinet secretary is already panicking, and he is now using money to bribe some members of parliament to withdraw their signatures.

He claim that Macharia has been using a certain former journalist, to distribute the money to the members of parliament in order to save him.

“Macharia is trying to mobilize members of parliament. Yesterday he spoke with close to 20 members of parliament from coast region. Today he has manage to mobilize some with the power of money. A former journalist, whom i wouldn’t mention the name, is the one who is carrying the money around and distributing for the attack of Mohammed Ali” He claim.

He threaten that when he will be tabling the motion to impeach the CS in parliament, he will mention all the owners of the Naivasha land that was sold to Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and all the people who have crapped some section of Mombasa port.

He promise Kenyans that he is taking the ‘Jicho Pevu’ to the parliament, and it will be lit when the motion reaches the floor of the house.

The Nyali MP was disappointed that even the members of parliament from the coast region who was expecting them to support him, have distance themselves from him. He claim that this is an issue affecting the people of coast region.


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