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Sad Story Of a Couple Giving Away Their Two Kids For Free.



Sad Story Of a Couple Giving Away Their Two Kids For Free.

If you can afford to provide full daily meal and other basic things for your family, then you have no reason to complain about, instead, thank God for that.

The story of two couples from Kiaruhiu village in Nyeri county has surprised many after making the most difficult and tough decision to hand over their two children for free to anybody willing to take care of them.

Many parents would say, i will die with my kids. But the couple, instead of watching the kids die in hunger, they agree to give them away for adoption.

According to the couple, Samuel Ndungu and Mary Nyambura life is too hard for them that they can not provide food for the young kids. The youngest one being two years old and the oldest 10 years old.

They made the tough decision saying that at least them they will understand whenever they miss food because they are used to unlike the innocent kids.

This is a decision they involved their villagers who also supported the idea, asking anybody willing to support the kids to come out and save young angles.

The father Samuel Ndungu said that he has been hoping for a better tomorrow but all in vain, life everyday becomes more tough for them, making their future completely dark.

According to Samuel Ndungu, life has always been hard since he was young, and up to date he has no family to run for help.

He further reveals every time he got a job to do, the employers do take advantage of his situation and that of his family, offering him a pay that can not enable him buy food and pay for rent at the same time.

This comes some few months after a single mother from Mombasa county shock Kenyans after cooking stones for her kids after she could not manage to provide real food.

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