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Cate Waruguru Vows to Sponsor Impeachment Motion Against DP Ruto.



Cate Waruguru Vows to Sponsor Impeachment Motion Against DP Ruto.

Laikipia County women representative, Cate Waruguru now claims that deputy president William Samoe Ruto deserves to be impeached for undermining president Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to Cate Waruguru, the decision by deputy president William Ruto to open Jubilee Asili office, is just confirming to Kenyans that he is running a parallel government to that of president Uhuru Kenyatta.

She claims that Kenyans elected Uhuru Kenyatta as the president of Kenya and not William Ruto.

” This is now confirming fears that has been there all along that the DP is running a parallel government to undermine the president. We elected HE Uhuru not Ruto. With your Asili Shenanigans you have just asked for an impeachment and you will be served the impeachment hot”. Said Cate Waurguru.

She further claims that deputy president William Ruto needs to apologize to millions of Jubilee party supporters for acting against the president, who is Jubilee party leader.

“Deputy President William Ruto owes over 10 million Jubilee supporters in the country an apology for going behind the president’s back and desperately opened a parallel party office they are now calling Jubilee Asili”. She added.

The Laikipia women representative was a very strong soldier of the deputy president William Ruto, before champing off the tanga tanga ship.

Cate Waruguru is not the only one who have so far left the tanga tanga camp. Nominated senator Millicent Omanga denounce the deputy president trying to rescue her position in the senate.

So far all the members of parliament allied to deputy president William Ruto have been de-whipped from various parliamentary comittees.








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