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Kabogo’s Shocking Revelation, How Rich Friend Pocket Covid-19 Funds.



Kabogo Reveal Shocking Information About How Gov't Misuse Covid-19 Funds.

Former Kiambu county governor, William Kabogo has revealed shocking information about how government  is misusing money meant to assist the vulnerable people in Kenya during this pandemic period.

William Kabogo said that he was shocked when he witnessed two rich people he knows personally, benefit from the money that the government was sending to needy families in Kenya through m-pesa. Each received Ksh. 1,000.

According to Kabogo, one of them who has a Mercedes Benz had his mum and his sister received Ksh 1000 each, making a total of Ksh. 3,000 going to one rich family from the government money allocated to vulnerable families.

” I know two people who are my friends and they were send Ksh. 1,000 the other day. Him his mun and his sister. I know they will come running looking for me to tell them who it is, i will not tell them. They know who they send money to.” Kabogo said.

“This thousand bob they are sending people in the evening, they send to guys who are okay, a guy who has a Mercedes and a nice home yet people are dying of hanger.

He complain that half of the money meant to help the vulnerable families in Kenya will go to the wrong people’s pocket following the culture of corruption in Kenya.

Kabogo stated that the government should not pretend as if they do not know who they are sending money to. He said that the government with the assistance of Safaricom is able to identify the people who deserve the money in specific location in Kenya.

He opposes the idea of the government sending money to the vulnerable through chiefs and county governments.

“And i said instead of sending money to chiefs and county governments, send money to where you know people have problems. Safaricom can direct you to the nearby numbers and let us give money to those guys. But because of level of corruption in this country, half of that money is going to people’s pockets, and i am saying that without fear or favor”. Kabogo stated.

It is very bad that a rich person is pocketing money knowing that the person who was suppose to get the money will sleep hungry.

The first governor of Kiambu county was speaking to Jalongo on his show dubbed ‘BONGA NA JALAS’.

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