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Human ‘Eater’ Caught Red Handed In Bomet County.



Human 'Eater' Caught Red Handed In Bomet County.

High tension in Bomet county after a man who is suspected to have been involved in the recent incidents where people have been  killed next to Bomet town in an extra ordinary manner, caught red handed.

It is reported that the middle aged man was found at the exact spot where a man was reportedly found few days ago lying down with some of his body flesh missing.

The man is said to have been found with some weapons and  upon questioned, he admitted that he was send ‘from above’ to that same spot to perform the same action as previous one.

It is reported that the man was found at around 8:40 PM. This incident attracted many residents who almost kill him through mob justice.

The man was lucky that police officers reported to the are and managed to rescue him from angry people and rushed him to Bomet police station.

This evening around at 8.40 pm , a middle-aged man was almost killed by angry residents of Bomet town when he was found…

Posted by Arap Ngeno Gilbert on Saturday, June 20, 2020

What angers the people in that area the most is the fact that the previous incident was still fresh in their minds, believing that the victim was about to repeat the same thing.

It is further reported that last incident happened some kilometres away from Bomet Central Business District, next to Prophet Owuor’s Church, Kings Outreach.

Facebook screenshot/ Kiprotich Peter.

Facebook screenshot/ Kiprotich Peter.

The male victim of the previous incident was taken to Tenwek Mission hospital where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit, but unfortunately he did not manage to survive.

People now in the county now living in fear following this extra ordinary incidents. They hope that the man who was caught will reveal more details about this acts.

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