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Isaac Ruto Admit DP Ruto Was Main His Problem In Jubilee Party.



Isaac Ruto Admit DP Ruto Was Main Problem In Jubilee Party.

First governor of Bomet county, Isaac Ruto has finally admitted that he admired Jubilee party all along but the only problem in the party was deputy president William Samoe Ruto.

Isaac Ruto who is Chama Cha Mashinani Party leader stated that he now free to do any political deals with Jubilee party now the deputy president is seen packing his belongings from the party.

Deputy president William Ruto surprised Kenyans after opening a parallel Jubilee Office called Jubilee Asili Center, with many Kenyans saying that it is a sign that he is in process of moving out of the original Jubilee party.

Some few days ago, Issac Ruto was seen at the Jubilee party headquarters signing an agreement deal between his party, Chama Cha Mashinani and the Jubilee coalition.

He made fan of the famous “Tunakula Nyama, Mkimeza Mate”, saying that is now time for them to eat meat, while deputy president William Ruto is salivating.

While speaking in a vernacular radio station, Isaac Ruto said that his party now is fully ready to support president Uhuru Kenyatta to accomplish his development agenda before his term ends.

He supported president Uhuru Kenyatta’s idea of making changes in the senate and the national assembly, saying that it was hard for president Uhuru to work while surrounded by people who does not support him.

When asked about the ongoing rumors that he might join the cabinet in the reported upcoming cabinet reshuffle, he said that so far he has not be consulted on the same.

The first governor of Bomet county did not make to come back for the second term as the governor of Bomet county, where he claimed that he was not defeated fairly, saying the deputy president is the one who cooked the results in the county, just to see him out.

During the last general elections, Isaac Ruto jumped out of Jubilee party to form his own Chama Cha Mashinani party, accusing the deputy president of forcing voters and leaders in rift valley to dance to every tune and an idea he come up with.

Isaac Ruto was a member of William Ruto’s party, United Republican Party (URP) before it was dissolved to form Jubilee.

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