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Jubilee MPs vs Uhuru Over Duale’s Majority Leader Position Ahead Of Jubilee PG Meeting.



Jubilee MPs vs Uhuru Over Duale's Majority Leader Position.

It is now emerging that the main target in the reported Jubilee Party Parliamentary Group meeting to be held at the Kenyatta Intern national Conference Center tomorrow, is Garissa Town MP Aden Duale, who is the current Majority Leader in the National Assembly.

In the last Jubilee Parliamentary Group Meeting that was held in State House, Aden Duale was expected to be thrown out of the Majority position but surprisingly he survived.

All Jubilee members of parliament allied to deputy president William Ruto have been removed from various parliamentary positions, accused of acting against the president’s wish.

It is not yet over for Aden Duale who is seen to be associated to tanga tanga group, a group accused of fighting president.

It is reported that so far that out of 179 Jubilee MPs, 126 of them have signed to kick out Aden Daule from the National Assembly position ahead of the Monday parliamentary group meeting convened by president Uhuru Kenya.

According to Ngujiri Wambugu, president Uhuru Kenyatta had lost confidence in Aden Daule, and now Jubilee MPs have also lost confidence in him. But whether Duale will survive or not depend on the president.

“Duale had lost the president’s confidence. If he has regained it, he will survive. If he has not, he will not survive.” Ngujiri Said.

“This means that even if all the Jubilee coalition MPs want Duale to stay but the president does not, he will not survive. Conversely it is also means that even if all the Jubilee coalition PMs do not believe in him, but the president does, he will survive.” He added.

Therefore according to Ngujiri, the 126 MPs who have signed to kick out Duale does not matter if the president still trust Duale as the Majority Leader in the National Assembly.

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