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Mohammed Ali Spill The Beans About SGR Scandal, Link Margaret Kenyatta.



Mohammed Ali Spill The Beans About SGR Scandal, Link Margaret Kenyatta.

Nyali constituency member of parliament Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu has reveal shocking information about alleged Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) scandal, where he link people people and companies alleging they are involved in the alleged scandal.

This comes just a day after his motion seeking to impeach the Transport Cabinet Secretary, was rejected by the National Speaker Muturi.

Mohammed Ali mention many people including the wife of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s wife Margaret Kenyatta, saying she is among those among the shareholders of the Naivasha land which was allegedly sold to Stand Gauge Railways.

Among those he mentioned as the shareholders of the Naivasha SRG land includes;

  1. Beth Muigai
  2. Mwetutu Farmers Company Limited own by Chris Mweneki Munuhe (He allege the company hold 45% of total shares). According to Mohammed Ali, many other ‘big’ people he feared to mention due to his own security, are associated with this company.
  3. Family Sacco Investment.
  4. Grace Njambi
  5. Jeremiah Joseph Ngaga.
  6. Lonkonot Eleven Investment.
  7. Ian Kipkoech Martin.
  8. Paul Muigai.
  9. Susan Wahu.
  10. Njuguna Njahu and many others.

Mohammed Ali stated that he has other big names he can only mention them to the public in parliament if given chance by the speaker.

Mohammed Ali also mentioned that Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho is the first major beneficiary of Mombasa Port.

He claims that Governor Joho was given a share to betray the people of Mombasa, claiming that that is reason the governor is quite on the same issue allegedly affecting negatively the people of Coast region.

According to the Nyali MPs, Joho’s brother, Abubakar Ali Joho and Hussein Amid Khamis are the ones who signed to be given section seven and eight of the port.

He further claims that, all ODM members of parliament were warned not to sigh the impeachment motion, because their deputy party leader is involved in the issue.

The Nyali MP further claims that all the members of parliament from Mombasa who refused to sign the impeachment motion, have some share at the port of Mombasa.

He mention Abdulswamad Nassir, MP Mvita, saying that he can not speak on the issue because he is protecting family company called Mercatile Cargo Terminal Operations Company, which has been given tender at the port of Mombasa.

Further more, the MP, reveal that Container Terminal TWO at the port of Mombasa is owned by an Italian together  with a big family in Kenyatta, he feared saying outside the parliament.

According to Mohammed Ali, the ‘Big’ family owned more than half of the share of the Container Terminal Two.

Container Terminal Two is said to be the biggest and the best terminal in East Africa.

Mohammed added that the reason Transport Cabinet secretary James Macharia is forcing that all cargo be transported using SGR is because he is being used by the ‘Big’ people to benefit them.

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