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Details Of Francis Atwoli’s Mzungu House-Help.



Details Of Francis Atwoli's Mzungu House-Help.

KTN NEWS TV presenter Mary Kilobi, who is the the wife of the  COTU boss Francis Atwoli, ignited internet at the beginning of the week after posting a picture of herself being served by a white woman, who is said to working as their house help.

After digging deeper on this story, we manage to get some details of the white woman. She is called Madam Pavic, and she is from Colombia.

She is also a professional chef, and she is reported to be among the best chefs in the world. This might be the reason why Francis Atwoli liked her and trust her to cook for his family.

Further reports indicate that the white Colombian woman has worked at the Home of Francis Atwoli for the last five years.

This has been the discussion the whole week, Kenyans wondering if indeed she works as house help at the home of Francis Atwoli, since this is unusual in Kenya, following Kenyans mentality on the white skin people.

On her Instagram post, Mary Atwoli Kilobi fails to reply to thousands of questions on the comments, her followers asking who the white woman is.

Some Kenyans did not gave up and they transfer the question to Francis Atwoli in a Twitter post where Atwoli manage to respond indirectly.

According to the Cotu boss, the white skin woman in his home, is an advisor on home management. In simple language, ‘Home advisor Manager’ is equal to house help.

Francis Atwoli is a person who love luxurious life and employing white people at his home to help the family is not a surprise at all.

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