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VIDEO: Kenyans Got Emotional As DJ EVOLVE And His Mother Speak.



VIDEO: Kenyans Got Emotional As DJ EVOLVE And His Mother Speak.

The story of Felix Orinda, aka DJ Evolve and Embakasi East member of parliament Babu Owino has freshen up in the minds of Kenyans, this time round with more anger than before.

This started after NTV got an opportunity to speak to the DJ and his mother exclusively at their home where DJ Evolve is currently receiving treatment.

What angers Kenyans the most is the fact that the DJ is paralyzed, finding it hard to speak and even to move his hands and other external body parts.

“I am slightly able to move my limbs (hands). I am currently just here, there is nothing i can do for myself. I am fully dependent on people to do things for me.” Said DJ Evolve.

According to DJ Evolve, he was too traumatized at the begging that he could not even sleep, only having flashbacks of that fateful day, and he was forced to use medication to make him sleep.

When asked whether he had forgiven Babu Owino who shot him, he said he has decided to leave it to God, hoping that he will get justice one day.

“I left that to God, i am waiting for the justice system to see what will go through. But aside from that, i do not have anything else to say” Said DJ Evolve.

DJ Evolve mother who also spoke to NTV said that she has never meet or talk to Babu Owino after shooting her son. According to her, she has no energy to face him or talk to him.

About the hospital bill, DJ Evolve mother said that it went up above Ksh. 17 Million, saying a week before the DJ was discharged from hospital, Babu Owino had already paid Ksh. 7 million. She added that according to the agreement with the hospital, Babu Owino is in-charge of all the bill.

DJ Evolve is currently under home care. He was assigned some nurses to take care of him at home.

The mother also refuted claims that she is the one who forced her son discharged from the hospital as it was reported earlier.

Here is the NTV Exclusive interview with DJ Evolve.

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