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DPP Explain Why DJ Evolve’s Justice Is Delayed. Babu Owino To Be Rearrested.



DPP Explain Why DJ Evolve's Justice Is Delayed. Babu Owino To Be Rearrested.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

NTV interview with DJ Evolve, who was shot by Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino has forced Office of Director of Public Prosecutions to explain why the prosecutions on the matter is being delayed after many Kenyans complained that the DJ’s justice is being denied.

In a statement the DPP explained that the prosecution process was paused because the victim, DJ Evolve was not able to record statement because the shooting affected him to an extent he could not talk.

“Prosecution of Embakasi MP Paul Ongili Babu Owino over attempted murder of DJ Evolve has been slowed down by inability of the victim to record a statement following the shooting which affected his speech”

“According to the IO report, the victim is paralyzed and has a speech impediment making it very challenging to record his statement”

“After the incident, the investigating officer diligently followed up on the case to record DJ Evolve statement but found in in pain and overwhelmed. Due to the extraneous process that is taking a statement, it was unwise to take his statement at that point”

“The investigating officer was advised to wait for DJ Evolve condition to improve. We are happy at the process that DJ Evolve has made and will use this opportunity to record statement as soon as possible” Read statement from DPP.

The DPP further explained why the Embakasi Member of Parliament, Babu Owino was released after he was arraigned in court on 20th of January 2020, charged with murder and behaving in a disorderly manner.

“The MP was arraigned in court on 20/1/2020 charged with murder and behaving in a disorderly manner. He denied charges and was released on Ksh 10 million bond with 2 sureties of the same amount and in the alternative, cash bail of Ksh. 5 million. The DPP had vehemently opposed his release on bail/bond” – Reads DPP statement.

Many Kenyans led by Martha Karua has asked the DPP to record DJ evolve statement now that the DJ’s condition is much.

This is a big challenge to the justice system in Kenya, following the fact that the case is clear since the MP was cleared captured by a CCTV while shooting the DJ.


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