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Millicent Omanga Promise To Assist Kwamboka Take CJ Maraga To Court.



Millicent Omanga Promise To Assist Kwamboka Take CJ Maraga To Court.

Nominated senator, Millicent Omanga has promise to assist Mary Kwamboka, the who woman who caused drama outside Kilimani law courts complaining that Chief Justice Maraga had refused to support her child she alleges was fathered by the Chief Justice.

According to the senator, she is willing to give Mary Kwamboka Ksh. 100,000 to assist her pay for lawyers to represent her in court and to sort DNA as well.

But for Mary Kwamboka to receive the financial support from the senator, she has to prove to her the merits of the case including the existence of the alleged child and finally prior contact with Chief Justice.

“Dear Kwamboka, i am willing to give 100k for legal representation and DAN as long as you privately  prove to me the merit of the case including the existence of the minor and prior contact with the Chief Justice if any. Chief Justice is a respectable elder and Leader well known to all of us. Get in touch” She addresses Mary Kwamboka.

While causing the drama outside the Milimani Law courts, Mary Kwamboka produces a birth certificate she claims to belong to the child in question, plus some court documents, claiming that she has tried all means but she is being frustrated by the courts she claims to have gone to.

Chief Justice David Maraga has not responded to this issue direct, but his lawyers address the media saying that most of the documents presented by the lady were likely to be fake.

A section of Kenyans have come out in large numbers to defend the Chief Justice, with some claiming that the Mary Kwamboka drama was stage managed as a way of fighting the Chief Justice.

This come at the time when the Chief Justice is seen not reading from the same script with the government, having complained many times that some people are trying to control the Judiciary by making it hard for the Judiciary to operate with less finance allocation from the government.

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