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Babu Owino Threaten To Sue NTV Over DJ Evolve Interview.



Babu Owino Threaten To Sue NTV Over DJ Evolve Interview.

Embakasi Eat Member of Parliament, Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino, through her lawyers under Okatch and Partners Advocates have threaten to sue Nation Media group for airing out DJ Evolve story on NTV, on 29 thy of June 2020.

According Okatch and Partners Advocates, their client, Babu Owino was illegally mention in the story having been the one who shot the DJ.

They claim that it was wrong for NTV to conclude that DJ Evolve was shot by their client, Babu Owino, despite the fact that the DJ himself have never stated anywhere that he was shot by Babu Owino.

“We have carefully listened and watched the said story over and over and indeed at no point as said Felix Orinda stated that he was shot by our client. Infact, even before your news item, the said Felix Orinda has never ever stated in any forum whatsoever that he was shot by our client.”

“The Directorate of Public Prosecutions has further confirmed that infact Mr Orinda has never recorded a statement on the matter” Read part of the letter from Okatch and Partners Advocates.

They further complained that Nation Media Group through NTV acted against Babu Owino’s constitutional right to a fair hearing, by rendering the process irrelevant.

They further complained that the alleged CCTV footage that captured Babu Owino shooting the DJ has not been approved by any court of Law as evidence to the case.

“Your story as introduced and aired thus directly infringes on our client constitutional right to a fair hearing and tries to render the process of hearing irrelevant as you have (without any mandate whatsoever) already prosecuted, convicted and reprimanded our client”

“The alleged CCTV footage you also aired in the story has not been admitted as evidence by a court of Law to allow you to reply on it in your malicious  story in a manner you so did.” Reads the letter.

They demand the Nation Media Group to reply to their complained within two days after which they will take legal actions if the Nation Media Group fails to respond.

“Take notice, if we did not hear from you within two (2) days from the date of this letter, we have strict and peremptory instructions to institute legal proceedings against you for slanderous and libelous defamation and also for infringing on our clients constitutional right to fair hearing and to be presumed innocent.”

“We shall seek appropriate remedies which will includes, but not limited to aggravated and exemplary damages as well as cost of the action without ant further reference to yourselves” Reads the letter.

Find the letter in the tweet below.

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