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LEAKED! Uhuru’s Final Decision On Curfew and Partial Lock-Down.



LEAKED! Uhuru's Final Decision On Curfew and Partial Lock-Down.

You can start packing your bags!

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to address Kenyans on Monday 6th July 2020, on the current state of the country as far as corona virus is concern.

Kenyans are highly waiting to see what president Uhuru Kenyatta will say, hoping that he will announce end of the 9 PM – 4 AM curfew and the partial lock down which is currently active in some counties like Mombasa and Nairobi Metropolitan area.

Our highly trusted source within statehouse have leaked to us some of the decisions Kenyans should expect tomorrow from the president.

During the last address on the same issue, president Uhuru Kenyatta stated that, he is one of those who wanted the curfew and lock down be called off but the experts who were consulted were of the opinion that it was too early to end both curfew and lock down.

According to our source, the president has been in deep discussion with the same experts, with the president standing with his wish to end curfew and Lock down, but the experts were of the contrary opinion, following the high numbers of covid-19 cases being reported daily.

Our source reveal to us that, president Uhuru Kenyatta and his team who wanted the curfew and lock down ended, won, and if the decision will not be overturned overnight, then it will be called off tomorrow.

According to our source, the discussion was still on curfew, but partial lock down is likely to end to enable Kenyans and business people to freely move within the country without restrictions.

About international flights, our source had no clear information about it. This is likely to come as a surprise, but local flights might start operations.

Night clubs might also force curfew remain but time extended to midnight, since experts believes people misbehave a lot in night clubs making it difficult to follow covid-19 rules.

Kenyans have so far send signal to president Uhuru Kenyatta that they are tired. Today, Sunday 5th, some of Mombasa residents defied government rules, and were seen at Nyali beach that was closed as away of stopping the spread of the disease.

Many Kenyans have also complained of hard life with no jobs since most companies shut down after government put in place tough rules which made it hard for businesses to run.

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