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State Officer Dies Before Completing Mission With Girlfriend In a Lodging in Narok.



State Officer Dies Before Completing Mission With Girlfriend In a Lodging in Narok.

Narok residents were on Sunday morning shocked after a 32 years old man found dead in hotel lodging he had booked in Narok town.

The man, identified as  Edmond Parseen is reported that he booked a room in the hotel  on Saturday evening, where he later checked in with his alleged girlfriend.

Edmond Parseen is said to be a State officer who was working at the Ministry of Industrialization as per the reports from Narok police officers.

Those who were at the scene told Newstap that, some items which includes unused condoms, alcohol drinks and energy drink, were found in the room that they booked.

This might be an indication that the man died mostly likely before midnight as per the items found, indicating that they did not start or even finish their mission because of unused weapons.

Narok OCPD Fredrick Shiundu said that the cause of his death was not clear then, saying that they will give detailed report after post-mortem results are out.

OCPD Fredrick Shiundu however stated that they suspect the man might have died from the energy drinks and alcohol he might have drink before and in the lodging room.

The deceased uncle confirm that the lady who was in the hotel lodging the the man is their neighbor, but stated that the affair between the two was not public.

The alleged girlfriend was treated as the first suspect, and she is currently in police cells as the investigations is expected to start soon.

The body of the deceased was taken to Narok County Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem to help police in their investigations.




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