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Uhuru Forced to Consult DP Ruto, Last Minute Ahead Of 2 PM Nation Address.



Uhuru Forced to Consult DP Ruto, Last Minute Ahead Of 2 PM Nation Address.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is between rock and hard place as he is expected to address Kenyans today Monday 6th of July 2020 following the expiry of 30 days curfew and lock down in the country.

It was earlier reported that the president had been holding meeting with various experts and government officials, to come up with the decision on the way forward.

Our source has reveal to us that the president is currently in a closed door meeting in statehouse with deputy president William Ruto.

This is the first time it is reported that the deputy president is in the state house for a meeting with the president, to discuss covid-19 issues since the beginning of the pandemic disease.

It it also reported that a team of experts are also in the state house closed door meeting, to assist the two leaders to come up with a final decision.

The biggest challenge to the president is that some of the measures that were put in place when the country was reporting less number of corona virus cases compared to now, higher numbers are being reported.

Kenyans are highly waiting for the 2 PM address hoping that the president will ease some of the active restrictions because life is becoming hard day by day.

Kenyans have also seen as if the restrictions like partial lock down only apply to ordinary Kenyans since politicians have been acting against the covid-19 rules, some even holding political meetings.

Many Kenyans believe that this disease is here to stay and they the only option is to learn to live with it.









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